Worship, Read, Pray, and Sing at Home

  • The Church is not a building, but rather those believers in Christ who gather around Word and Sacrament. When that is not possible, because we are prevented by external circumstances, it is incumbent upon the heads of the households to see to it that their families can participate in whatever way possible with the liturgy of the Word. A home Service of the Word is not a substitute for the Service of the Sacrament within the corporate gathering of the Church, but the Holy Spirit can use such emergency means to create faith. He has worked this way before. He will do it again.
  • We won't have streaming services set up just yet. That's coming in the near future.
  • We'll use the Daily Office, this week, Matins, as our Service of the Word. See the resources on the Sermons page. Matins is suited to being led by a layman. If there is a part labeled L, the leader speaks it. Everyone (leader included) speaks the parts marked C. If you're comfortable chanting as a family, the notes are included in the bulletin. Unfortunately, I do not have accompaniment for chanting. There will be three hymns, and accompaniment has been uploaded for those. You might be uncomfortable singing in a small group, but really, these are people who love you, so this is excellent practice! I think the hymns this week are familiar to everyone. If not, let it play through once, then restart it and sing along.
  • Play the audio file of the readings at the appropriate time, or if you'd prefer, read them yourselves. Likewise with the prayers. The sermon audio is also online and can be played at the appropriate time.
  • You can worship with your family or by yourself every day. Indeed, this is a great blessing, to have an order for daily prayer. Download this resource Daily Prayer for Individuals and Families with HymnsThis is an easy way for the head of the household to lead his family in hearing God's Word and responding in prayer and praise.

  • Lesson 3, "The Good Shepherd," is the appropriate lesson for March 22.

  • A few people have requested the ability to contribute electronically for the time that we have suspended public gatherings. You can now visit our Faithlife page for a secure giving option. You are, of course, free to continue contributing just as you had by mailing a check. Call the church office if you have questions. Give at the Faithlife page.
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